San Francisco To Rename 44 Public Schools

The San Francisco School Board voted to rename 44 San Francisco public schools.

Some of the schools that are being changed include:

  • Lowell High
  • Lincoln High
  • Washington High
  • Roosevelt Middle
  • John Muir Elementary
  • Feinstein Elementary

The schools have until April to come up with a name. Mayor London Breed put out a statement saying,

I understand the significance of the name of a school, and a school's name should instill a feeling of pride in every student that walks through its doors, regardless of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. In fact, the public elementary school I attended as a child was renamed for Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks, and I believe it is a name that instills pride for the community. This is an important conversation to have, and one that we should involve our communities, our families, ad our students.


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