Mike Posner Talks Snake Incident, New Song 'Momma Always Told Me' & More

Mike Posner catches up with Crystal Rosas and talks about his new song 'Momma Always Told Me.'

Last time we met with Mike, he was about to begin his 6 month journey of walking across the United States! He talks about what went down and the craziness in between - including when we was bitten by a snake!

"I got bit by a rattle snack on my ankle, which put me on the sidelines for about 3 weeks. But, the important thing was I was able to finish and walk a thousand more miles."

Crystal's cat Frappy also made a special appearance and we learned that though Posner doesn't currently have any pets, he plans to get "a real dog" some time in the future!

Aside from taking long walks from coast to coast, being an animal lover & more, Mike Posner is constantly writing and plans to release an EP some time in the future. This EP will include his new song 'Momma Always Told Me.'

Listen and watch below!

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