Chrissy Teigen Dragged For Sharing How She Spent $13k On Wine By Accident

Some people thought she was being tone def by sharing this story during a whole pandemic.. What do you think?

Today was also the day that her stillborn baby should have been born. Chrissy Teigen's baby Jack passed away a few months ago, but she is honoring him on the week he would have been born. 

She sent out several tweets about dealing with the loss. 

She wrote, "I truly feel kicks in my belly, but it's not phantom. I have surgery for endometriosis tomorrow...but the period feeling this month is exactly like baby kicks. sigh."

She also shared a photo of her contracting stomach and added, "Look at this. I'll pretend it's him saying hi - it never stops."

Would you be able to talk about a big loss on social media?

Photo: Getty Images

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