Dancing Tiktoker Home Alone Captures Something Creepy Behind Her

A tiktok video has gone viral and not for the reason the creator hoped for. 

According to TikToker, Chloe Hartley, she was home alone dancing to "Love Shack" and decided to upload it to the social media platform.

Hartley stated that saw something moving on the stairs behind her.

Users were creeped out and started commenting with "I swear you better say this is a joke rn", and "do not claim the negative energy from this video".

Other users said that they say a "white paw" but Hartley said her dogs are brown and they have a gate to keep them off of the stairs. Additional comments state they think that she staged the whole thing.

Hartley said she has no idea what it could be but feels it's a ghost.

Have you watched the video? Do you think it's something supernatural or do you think the video was staged? Have you ever experienced something like this; either a ghost sighting or supernatural feeling?

Photo: Getty Images

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