Comedian Claiming 'SNL' Stole His Joke Is Asking For $1 Million

A comedian is asking Saturday Night Live to pony up a million dollars, claiming a skit on their most recent episode stole one of his jokes.

Comic Ted Alejandro has been performing a bit about 'sexting' with his partner by sending real estate listings on Zillow - very similar to SNL's 'Zillow' skit that compared the real estate app to a phone sex line for millenials.

Alejandro - who included the bit in his 2020 specialCUT/UP, tweeted "Dear @nbcsnl, since you stole my Zillow joke last night please Venmo me the sum of 1 million dollars." - and invited fans to check out his special on YouTube.

Do you think SNL ripped off Alejandro? Will they/should they pay up?

Photo: Getty Images

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