Chung Ha Talks Singing In Spanish & Getting Ready For "Demente" Music Video

Got to hang out with Chung Ha via zoom!

She's getting ready to drop her new album "Querencia",

it's been about a year and eight months since I released an album

In this new project, Chung Ha will be having a song where she is speaking in Spanish taking on a reggaeton beat.

Demente is so special because it's my first time singing in spanish...I had so many Mexican friends but i could never understand what they were saying and whenever i would go over their houses i would always listen to their songs they play and have that Latin vibe, this joyful vibe.

"Querencia" will be divided into four sections with each section having its own soundtrack making it a total of 16 songs and 5 tracks. We can't wait to hear the album and really excited for the music video to "Demente"! "Querencia" comes out on February 15!

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