Holoportation Can Virtually Bean You Anywhere In The World

The future is upon us with the new holoportation device created by "PORTL".

The company is showcasing their futuristic machine that will allow anyone to be beamed to various places all at once.

This isn't the first time the public has seen what the holoportation system can do. PORTL used it to beam Kane Brown to L.A. for the iHeartRadio Music Festival from his location in Nashville.

The device allows users to talk to the holograms in real time.

The company says we could soon be seeing this device used in trade shows, conventions, and even in people's homes.

What do you think about the new holoportation device? Do you think this will eventually take the place of Zoom, Skype, face time? With inventions like this, are we taking the human connection out of society?

Photo: Getty Images

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