San Jose Woman Exposes Kidnapping Scam After Receiving Scary Phone Call

It's such a scary world out there!

This woman in San Jose warned others of a scary phone call she recently received, thinking it was her sister on the other end.

"I got a call today from a (669) number, Gilroy and when I answered there was a 'girl crying' on the phone saying 'theres an accident. Help me.' I was so confused so I was like, 'Vangie?' (my sister). Then, a guy got on the phone and said 'look, I have a girl here. She's been in an accident... can you come pick her up?' I was about to run to may car when he says, 'I'm from a cartel and we grabbed your sister. We need you to come get her or else we're taking her."

Shook, she then explains what happened after the call.

"I started hyperventilating. It all sounded fake af, but I was still nervous because of all the sex trafficking stuff. I finally hung up and my bg started calling my sister's work to see if she was there. We couldn't get through so my BFF got in her car to go to my sister's work to check if she was there (I was in SF for the day). I called the SJPD and the dispatcher said it sounds like a scam people been getting lately, where people pretend to kidnap a family member to get random $. I was still freaking out cus just, WHAT IF it was all real. Finally, my sister called me back and confirmed she was at work and ok. THIS WORLD IS CRAZY AF!"

Please be careful out there everyone. See the woman's post below.

Photo Source: Getty Images

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