Leonardo DiCaprio Urges 37 Million Fans To Replace Meat With Beyond Burgers

Leonardo DiCaprio isn't just an actor, he's an environmentalist and he's using his social media pages to support plant based company, Beyond Burgers.

DiCaprio posted a photo of a Beyond Meat burger with the caption "Every single person can help the planet and reduce climate change with one small choice every week. Join me and Beyond Meat in our mission to rethink the future of food". 

The actor has invested in a few other vegan companies other than Beyond Meat such as vegan milk brand, Califia Farms, and HIPPEAS, a chickpea snack company and has partnered with Jane Goodall to produce a vegan clothing line.

DiCaprio has 37 million followers combined with all of his social media accounts.

Are you influenced by celebrities who take a stance on any social issues? Is there a celebrity that you're influenced by when it comes to political, climate, and or social issues?

Photo: Getty Images

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