WONHO Is Getting Ready To Put Out A Light Stick And Sing R&B!

WONHO took some time to join Crystal Rosas via zoom!

He recently released part 2 of his mini-album, Love Synonym #2: Right for Us, and gave fans a lot of English songs! We asked about his light stick that fans have been waiting for and he said,

I have different ideas, I think it will come out soon.

WONHO wants WENEE's to know they inspire him to put out music and he will be trying to put out different genres for them.

I tried to make my music with different genres at different times, but R&B sounds good to me! Maybe I can try that next time.

See the full interview below and tune in to WiLD 94.9 to hear WONHO's single "Ain't About You" featuring KIIARA!!

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