Help Local Youth Organization Save Their Home In East Palo Alto!

Youth organization in East Palo Alto is looking to save their headquarters and avoid being displaced. Youth United for Community Action, also known as YUCA, has been in East Palo Alto and helped the community for 27 years.

YUCA has trained over a thousand young people of color who, collectively, have been at the frontline of positive systemic change. YUCA has also seen many young leaders land on local boards, commissions, and other decision-making bodies in our community.

YUCA is looking to purchase the property after the owner informed them he wants to remodel the house and put it on the market for sale. The youth organization has said that this house/office

has served as an invaluable safe space to the youth as a learning and healing hub. It has also been an asset to the renter community who seeks help with activating their renter rights.

They have set up a GoFundMe page to help them raise money to buy the home. YUCA has until the end of March to raise the money.

Photo: Instagram @Yuca_1994

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