Brave Girls Get First All Kill & Dominate The KPOP Charts With Song Rollin'

UPDATE 3.19.21:

Brave Girls now hold the record for most Perfect All-Kill's of any girl group! Meaning their song 'Rollin' has been #1 on all the charts in Korea!

Congrats girls! Watch their latest performance here!

Brave Girls have been trending in the KPOP world. This is all due to a now-viral video compiled of their performances for the men in the Korean military dancing to their song "Rollin" from 2017. See the video below.

Here's a little background on the group, the group originally started in 2011 as the first girl group from Brave Entertainment. The original members are no longer in the group but the new girls have been promoting as Brave Girls for the past five years. The company released a new version of their hit song "Rollin" in 2018 and has been promoting the song along with their 2020 comeback.

Thanks to the video above, the song "Rollin" recently went to #1 on the Korean real-time music charts. One of the members revealed that the group was about to disband after moving out of the dorm and could not believe the song went up on the charts. On March 14, Brave Girls received their first music show win after their debut of about 10 years! See their priceless reaction below.

This is really a KPOP cinderella story! We hope the company gives them a new comeback and they get the recognition they deserve! Don't forget to check out their other music and congrats to Brave Girls!

Photo: Instagram @bravegirls.official

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