Lil Mama Starts 'Heterosexual Rights Movement'

Lil Mama says while she supports LGBTQ rights, something needs to be done to stop "anti-LGBTQ bullying." So she's starting a "heterosexual rights movement," she says.

The 31-year-old rapper and TV personality says members of the LGBTQ community have become so accepted in recent years that the tides have turned on straight people. "Y’all fight so hard to be respected and some of you, notall, get a kick out bullying people for having an option, how they dress, how their hair and or makeup looks, how much money they have, etc.," Lil Mama writes on social media. "There are so many people afraid to give their honest opinion because if they do the LGBTQ-plus will hear what they want to hear and take statements out of context."

The announcement comes one week after Lil Mama came under fire for reposting a tweet that claimed trans children -- like Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union's daughter Zaya -- are "too young" to recognize their own gender identity.

Is this just a ploy to get press? Do you believe heterosexual people are victims of discrimination?

Photo: Getty Images

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