Pilot Caught Delivering Hateful Anti-Bay Area Rant Flying Over San Jose

According to OnlineMileAtATime on March 13th an "unidentified" pilot flying over the Mineta San Jose International Airport’s air traffic control scanner was caught on audio going off on the Bay Area. The airport spokesperson, Demetria Machado wrote, “This communication is very unprofessional, and I have forwarded the communication to the [Federal Aviation Administration].” The FAA operates the control towers. As of now it's not sure which pilot exactly was going off on this rant however it's noted that the Southwest Airlines flight 531 was on the frequency around the same time. That was a flight from San Jose to Seattle. It was reported that the flight was awaiting takeoff at the time that this happened.

The pilot can be heard saying, “F—k this place, goddamn liberal f—ks. F—king weirdos, probably driving around in f—king Hyundais, f—king roads and s—t that go slow as f—k,” and, “You don’t have balls unless you’re f—king rolling coal, man, goddamn it.”

You can listen to the whole recording here, and I have to warn you, there's very explicit language...

Photo: Getty Images

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