Dwayne Wade Addresses Boosie's Hateful Comments About Daughter Zaya

Boosie recently made some hateful and mean comments about Dwayne Wade's daughter, Zaya, and Dwayne has responded. 

In an interview, he addressed him and took the high road. 

He said, "All the people who have something to say about my kids, I thank you because you’re allowing a conversation to keep going forward. You might not have the answers today, I might not have the answers today. But we’re growing from all these conversations, so I thank everybody for even hating and starting those conversations because those conversations are starting other conversations."

He also talked about his daughter and said, "Thank you for allowing me to be her father. Because there are lesser people out there who can’t get over themselves."

How would you handle a situation if someone was talking about your child?

Photo: Getty Images

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