San Francisco Giants Welcoming Fans Back For Season Opener!

The San Francisco Giants are going to welcome back fans to the stadium for the home opener on April 9th! The City of San Francisco has approved up to 22% fan Capacity. The city's public health order will be requiring COVID-19 tests or full vaccinations from the fans, who will be socially distanced and wearing face coverings.

According to a press release, the giants will be requiring the following from their fans:

Each fan in attendance, 12 years and older, will be required to take a COVID-19 test with negative results or provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, in order to gain entry. (Children under 12 are not required to provide negative test results or vaccination proof.) If testing, the Giants strongly encourage fans to take a PCR-type test rather than a rapid antigen test.
Test results need to be received within 72 hours of the first game that they plan to attend of a homestand. Fans can present their negative Covid tests two ways:
  1. Fans 18 or older may utilize the CLEAR’s Health Pass to securely link and confirm negative COVID-19 test results for a seamless entry to the game. Health Pass is a free service on the CLEAR mobile app, which connects a person’s verified identity to COVID-19 related information to help reduce public health risk. The Giants strongly encourage fans to take advantage of CLEAR’s Health Pass before arriving at Oracle Park in order to help ensure a smooth entry.
— OR —
  1. Fans can bring an electronic or paper copy of their negative COVID-19 test results at the entrance gates.
  • Fully vaccinated fans should bring a paper or electronic copy of their completed vaccination card to the game. (Full vaccination is defined as completion of the two-dose regimen of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or one dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine administered two weeks or more in advance of the game to be attended.)

Make sure to take the correct precautions before going to a home game! Get more information here.


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