Chris Brown Is Being Sued By His Housekeeper Over a Dog Bite

There's trouble in paradise for Chris Brown. The singer is being sued by a cleaning lady who was bitten by his dog. 

Patricia Avila, the cleaning lady, says she and her sister were hired by Chris and while she knew the singer had dogs, they were off the property when they were there to clean his home but one came into the backyard.

Avila claims that when her sister went outside to empty a vacuum, his Caucasian Shepard attacked her and took 3-4 inches of her skin off her arm as well as allegedly caused damage to her face and legs. 

After the alleged attack, she got her sister to the hospital and she's now in recovery. Patricia is suing Chris for damages and claims that he didn't provide proper protection. 

Do you think that the cleaning lady will win this case? Should the sister that was bitten file a separate lawsuit? 

Photo: Getty Images

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