Jade From Little Mix Listed As Writer For TWICE 10th Mini Album!

TWICE is getting ready for a comeback, Taste Of Love. They released the tracklist for their 10th mini album and to our surprise have a song composed by Jade from Little Mix!

Fans were wondering at first if it was THE Jade from Little Mix until she went to Twitter to talk about the song saying,

I wrote FIRST TIME a few years ago with @redtrianglepro (S/O to Frances too!)The song is so special to me so I held onto it for the right moment, so this bop could fully GET it’s moment I’m so excited and honoured that @JYPETWICE have cut it for their new album Jade x

We hope they get to collab on stage one day! TWICE 10th mini album Taste of Love is out June 11, 2021!


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