San Francisco Woman Robbed By Rideshare Driver, Urges Users To Be Cautious

Photo: Getty Images

A woman is urging rideshare users to be cautious after a driver sped off with all of her belongings after she got out of the car! According to the woman, before she could grab her things, her Lyft driver drove off with a suitcase, tote bag, wallet and passport.

She reportedly ran after the vehicle, tapped on the hood and the driver continued to drive off. She later filed a police report after failing to contact the driver.

According to KRON 4:

"After receiving several calls from police, the victim says the driver eventually responded to her messages in the Lyft app more than 12 hours later and agreed to drop her things off at the police station. She says he tried to make excuses for why he drove off with her things and says he still never received any messages from Lyft regarding this incident."

More information here.

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