San Francisco Car Break-Ins On The Rise: See Video Of Latest Incident

Photo: Getty Images

Car break-in's have always been an issue in the Bay Area, but San Francisco seems like it's being hit hard recently. Several videos have been released showing thieves mercilessly breaking windows and doing a 'smash and grab.'

The latest incident happened at Fillmore & Union in San Francisco and shows the suspect effortlessly punching in the window and retrieving a few bags. This break-in happened all within 15 seconds, showing how fast these crimes can occur.

Car break-ins have reportedly increased by 750% in San Francisco. According to KRON 4:

"The city’s central station experienced 85 reported auto break ins in May 2020. May 2021 experienced more than 700 car break ins — this time period over the course of the pandemic."

It's getting so bad, there is a Twitter account that focuses on reporting break-in's in San Francisco! Follow @SFCarBreakins here.

Please remember to never leave valuables inside your car, even if it's just for a few minutes.

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