California Will Require Masks Inside All Schools Despite New CDC Guidelines


Photo: Getty Images

CDC has updated its COVID-19 guidelines for schools in the United States, but California will still require all schools to wear masks inside the school.

California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly said,

Given California’s science-based approach and the fact that the state’s school facilities can’t accommodate physical distancing, we will align with the CDC by implementing multiple layers of mitigation strategies, including continued masking and robust testing capacity. Masking is a simple and effective intervention that does not interfere with offering full in-person instruction. At the outset of the new year, students should be able to walk into school without worrying about whether they will feel different or singled out for being vaccinated or unvaccinated – treating all kids the same will support a calm and supportive school environment.

The California Department of Public Health will release state guidance for schools K-12 on Monday, July 12.

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