Salon Owner Sells Shop To Employee For $1 After 15 Years Of Working There

Photo: Getty Images

This shop owner showed his appreciation to an employee by selling her the entire shop for only $1!

After being in business for over 50 years, Pio Imperati decided it was time to turn the shop over to someone he deemed worthy. Kathy Moura, an employee for 15 years, was chosen to take over the business.

According to KRON 4, Imperati stated:

“[Kathy Moura's] a good hairdresser, a good barber, she’s very nice,” Imperati told the New Haven Register about the sale of Pio of Italy Hair Studio. “I sold it to her for $1 so we would remain friends.”

Imperati reportedly hired Moura right after she graduated from school, after other shops turned her away due to lack of experience.

More information here.

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