Australia Researchers Find Largest Dragon Like Fossil

Dragon flying in the night

Photo: Getty Images

Researchers have found the largest flying reptile in Australia, a pterosaur. It is said to have had an estimated seven-meter wingspan (about 23 ft) looking similar to a dragon.

Lead researcher and University of Queensland PhD candidate Tim Richards said,

It’s the closest thing we have to a real life dragon. The new pterosaur, which we named Thapunngaka shawi, would have been a fearsome beast, with a spear-like mouth and a wingspan around seven meters. It was essentially just a skull with a long neck, bolted on a pair of long wings. This thing would have been quite savage. It would have cast a great shadow over some quivering little dinosaur that wouldn’t have heard it until it was too late.”

The fossil is currently on display at Kronosaurus Korner Museum in Australia

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