Draymond Green And KD Say Coach 'F--d It Up' Causing Him To Leave Warriors

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors

Photo: Getty Images

Warriors player Draymond Green sat down with Kevin Durant for a tell-all interview. KD started talking about leaving longtime team OKC and the argument between them in 2018.

Draymond Green asked KD if their argument against the Clippers was the reason he left Golden State,

It wasn't the argument it was the way that everybody acted like it didn't happen...we had to get that s--t all out. We tried to dance around it, just the vibe around that I didn't like that.

The question everyone wanted to know was asked, why did Kevin Durant leave the Warriors to go to Brooklyn.

I don't have any regrets at all, I feel like we did exactly what we were supposed to do. Being hurt for that year really changed my perspective on what I was doing. Playing with the warriors was so special to me and it was just time to move on.

Did you expect these responses from Kevin Durant? See the complete interview below.

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