PG&E Shut The Power Off In Several Bay Area Counties: Tips To Stay Prepared

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Several residents in Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Napa County, Solano County & Sonoma County had their power shut off on Tuesday night due to the high risk of wildfires in the area. Power is expected to be fully restored by Wednesday afternoon.

With California's history of wildfires, it's important to stay prepared at all times. KRON4 shares some tips from PG&E:

Have key supplies on hand

  • Flashlights for the household
  • Battery-powered or crank radio
  • Batteries in various sizes
  • Mobile phone as backup if your landline will not work
  • Cash and a full tank of gas

Follow important safety tips

  • Have an emergency plan in place, including pets
  • Avoid using candles during an outage
  • Know how to manually open your garage or any electric door
  • Unplug or turn off appliances & electronics to avoid damage when power is restored
  • Check on your neighbors

Take precautions when using a generator

  • Follow all instructions
  • Test before using
  • Position where exhaust can vent safely
  • Do not run a portable generator in the rain
  • Do not store fuel inside the house

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