A "Snow Crab" Hoarding "Raccoon" Was Found In Man's Attic, Twitter Thread

Cute raccoon in attic

Photo: Getty Images

Drew Olanoff (@yoda on Twitter) probably had no idea he would be spending the day handling a 'raccoon' situation in his attic.

According to his twitter thread, an electrician came by and said "You have a raccoon nested in your attic. Did you guys eat kind snow crabs, because he has a bunch of them up there." Olanoff explains that he was "surprisingly calm" after hearing the news. His wife, April, on the otherhand:

"I know april is nervous because she just gave a wildlife place her name and said "april, like the month" WHICH SHE NEVER EVER DOES."

Naturally, the couples' next move was to HUMANELY take care of the problem. After calling a few places, 'Kritter Kris' came by and turns out the 'raccoon' was actually a possum and the 'snow crabs' were... some kind of plant (not sure from the photo - let us know if you figure it out, lol).

See the full thread below!

A lot of Twitter users were invested in this story and followed Olanoff's journey to clear his attic. See their reactions below!

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