Keep Your Dog Safe This 4th Of July Weekend (TIPS)

Photo: Getty Images

With fireworks popping off at night, July 4th can be a scary time for your pets!

Here's a list of ways to help keep your pup safe this weekend (according to the NY POST):

  • Noise Preparation: Slowly introduce them to loud noises so they're not completely startled on July 4th
  • Create a Calm Environment: Give them extra love and figure out a way to keep them comfortable with some of their favorite things or comfort items, like a blanket, toy, or lots of cuddles.
  • Anti-Anxiety Methods: Try anti-anxiety vests, sound machines, lavender, etc.
  • Identification: Make sure your pets have their collar or ID on. Pets tend to run away on holidays like these, so please take the precaution!
  • Check Fences: Double check there aren't any places for your pet to escape in the event they try to run away
  • Food: Be weary of the food your pet chows down on. Not everything is beneficial for their health.
  • Summer and Heat Safety: Don't forget to keep your pets hydrated and their feet protected from the heat!

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