Klay Thompson's Hilarious Reaction To Knocking Over Fan at Parade!

There's no doubt that Klay Thompson had a great time at the Warrior's Championship Parade! Not only did he drop his championship ring, but he also accidently knocked over a fan! He recently opened up about the incident that went viral on an episode of the "Point Forward" podcast with the his teammate Andre Igoudala and co-host Evan Turner! Listen to the episode HERE!

"These city grades in the middle of the street and I try and do a little hop, skip and a jump and my vert ain't as high as it used to be a few years ago so I went stumbling man. I'm just grateful she was there like she really threw me the best assist I've had in weeks. I was going down.
"It was crazy, I was like I've gotta get off the bus and enjoy this."

Klay is hilarious!

*photo credit* Getty Images

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