Watch Main Road Into Death Valley Crumble, Close Amid Floods

Photo: National Park Service

By looking at the thumbnail, one would never guess that this flooded road runs through the hottest, driest place on earth. According to KTLA, Mud Canyon Road in Death Valley National park is cracking and crumbling amid recent floods throughout sections of the park. The road is one of the main entrances into the park, and it will continue to be inaccessible to drivers for the next few weeks.

“As our crews continue to remove debris. They have found several damaged sections of highway with complete shoulder loss, damage to asphalt, and undercutting of the roadway,” California Transportation District 9 Director Ryan Dermody shared with KTLA.

KTLA mentioned that a whopping 30 miles of the road is covered in water and debris. Though some sections of the road have been cleared, it is still unsafe to travel on. A video recorded by the National Park Service detailed the road looking more like a river as flood waters entirely alter the park's arid reputation.

The rare flooding has been so prominent throughout the region that a portion of the otherwise fair-weathered Joshua Tree National Park had to be evacuated on Monday. KTLA shared that some of the debris that have been collected as a result of the monsoonal moisture will be used to fill in road cracks.

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