Drake Wins Seven-Figure Bet After Kansas City Chief Win Super Bowl


Photo: Getty Images

It looks like the "Drake curse" in the sporting world is officially over.

Following the Kansas City Chiefs incredible win at Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday night, February 11, Drake won over 1 million after he bet on the Chiefs to win the game in overtime. He first revealed he placed a $1.15 million bet on the Chiefs to win during overtime in an Instagram post on Saturday night. In his caption, he declared he "can’t bet against the swifties @stake." After the Chiefs scored their winning touchdown during overtime, Drizzy won $1.196 million and posted a celebratory video immediately afterward.

Chief fans were initially worried when he first placed his bet due to reports about the alleged "Drake curse." Over the past few years, Drake's unlucky streak of Stake bets became known as the "Drake curse," which basically affects any team or athelete the rapper bets on or supports. Last year, Drake bet $500,000 that Israel Adesanya would beat Sean Strickland with a knock-out at UFC 293, but Adesanya lost. Afterward, Drake lost $400,000 after he bet on Jake Paul to defeat Tommy Fury in a boxing match. His unfavorable track record in sports can be traced as far back as 2015

Despite his previous L's, the "Drake curse" started to fall apart last year when he bet $700,000 on the Chiefs to win against the Philadelphia Eagles at Super Bowl LVII. Nowadays, it seems like Drake has better luck betting on the NFL.

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