E-40 Donates 1000 Gallons of Hand Sanitizer to Lompoc & San Quentin Prison

Rapper E-40 has donated 1,000 gallons of hand sanitizer to U.S. Lompoc, U.S Penitentiary, and San Quentin State Prison. Amazingly enough, he has utilized his own resources to make this happen, "As you know, hand sanitizer is made with alcohol, and I sell dope beverages so I know many distillers all over the country," the rapper told ABC7 News in the Bay Area. "I said let me get 1,000 gallons and send them to San Quentin and Lompoc. I hope that it makes a good impact."

This is a wonderful, much-needed donation amidst a time where prisoners are high at risk with such close confined spaces. There have been many concerns for those who are incarcerated due to limited resources and growing concerns for the inability for proper social distancing. Gladly, E-40 has taken the initiative to assist in one of the best ways he can

Photo: GettyImages.