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This week's Angelina's QuaranTV is dedicated to Pride month! And what better way to end Pride month than with the Netflix documentary ‘Disclosure’. Disclosure exposes the trans bias that’s occurred throughout the lens of Hollywood. More so, how these dangerous stereotypes have created caricatures of people living out their full authentic selves. Netflix teamed up with director-producer Sam Feder and American actress and LGBTQ+ advocate Laverne Cox, to bring awareness to issues that center gender, politics, and visibility. Vulnerable and charismatic interviews were done with the lovely Laverne Cox, Bianca Leigh, Jen Richards, Alexandra Billings, Lilly Wachowski, and many more incredible trans talent.

The film covered the use of cross-dressing in the silent era and the ways that transphobic depictions have been used throughout the modern years. Laverne Cox talked about her undying love for Barbara Streisand’s ‘Yentl’! Transphobia has been directly correlated to racism and therefore, affects Black, Indigenous, and POC more than it does its white counterparts.

Something that I particularly loved about this documentary was the diversity within the trans community, as well as the inclusion of gender non-binary. This refreshing narrative allows for an unlearning of the belief that trans people are a monolithic group and creates a space for mature conversations. This film doesn’t coddle cis-normative agendas and is a must-watch for those looking to learn further about the damaging stereotypes we’ve been taught along the way.

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