“Cash Me Ousside” Girl’s Biological Dad has Finally Spoken Out!

#DanielleBregoli, or as y'all know her, the #cashmeousside girl had another sit down with #DrPhil and is now back to being the talk of timelines. She reappeared on the show Friday (Feb. 9) and is viral once again for telling Dr. Phil that he was "nothing before [she] came on [his] show." _________________________________ That's not even the top of the tea cup though! Danielle's father broke his silence concerning his baby girl and the chaos she's been stirring up! _________________________________ The Palm Beach Post caught up with Ira Peskowitz, Danielle's biological father and he says he is appalled! To catch you guys up, Ira and Danielle's mother, Barbara Ann had a "stormy, live-in romance" which resulted in Danielle's existence. Now, Ira is a Sheriff's deputy in Palm Beach County and lives with his wife and their two children. The way it was presented to the world, Danielle was affected by her father's absent but he says he didn't even abandon her. _________________________________ "That behavior is appalling. And it’s appalling that anyone can think it is acceptable behavior,” Ira told The Palm Beach Post. “And Dr. Phil? Shame on him." When he was asked about his role in Danielle's life, he said, "I did not abandon my daughter." _________________________________ To some, that may sound sketchy but according to court documents his statement is not an alternative fact. When Danielle was only 18 months old, Ira was granted "open and liberal" visitation rights. _________________________________ But y'all know how some baby mommas can be sometimes--making the father jump through hoops to see his child(ren). According to documentation, Barbara didn't allow Ira to see Danielle as much as she was supposed to to and then soon after, she moved to New York from Florida-- read more at TheShadeRoom.com!

Crystal Rosas

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