Fan Gets an Ariana Grande Drink at Starbucks

An Ariana Grande-obsessed Buzzfeed writer thinks that the pop star’s name and the name of her new album, Sweetener sounds like a Starbucks drink, so what do you do when you are in love with Ariana Grande but got to have your daily Starbucks fix, you order a drink in her name, of course.

Upon asking for an “Ariana Grande Sweetener” the barista who was confused at first then said there was a barista who “would love to make the drink.”

What came next was a mixture of Ariana’s “God Is A Woman” video and sweetness of Ariana’s album “Sweetener” in a drink form, which is technically a grande mango dragon fruit which is a normal menu item.

If your favorite celebrity was a Starbucks drink which one would it be?

Crystal Rosas

Crystal Rosas

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