Mariah Carey 'Likes' Her Own Instagram Photos.. Do You?

Mariah Carey brings up a very important subject that should be posed to social media, can you like your own posts?

Carey took to Twitter to let fans know that “her son” had been liking all her pictures on Instagram, but we know better.

‘Ummmm... I think Rocky’s been liking my own insta pics .. oh dear.. trying to rectify this!! lol -yikes!’ Mariah tweeted. But isn’t it okay to ‘like’ your own content?

Do you really post things that are ugly, untrue or bad? No, so if you liked the post enough to put it on social media, there should be no problem with hitting that little heart yourself.

What do you think, do you ‘like’ your posts? Is it okay for you to do so?

Not going to lie I like EVERY SINGLE photo I post on Instagram.. LOL I mean why not?? If I post it DUH I like it, let me get my likes up :) 

Photo: Getty Images

Crystal Rosas

Crystal Rosas

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