Some Fans Not Happy With Ariana Grande’s Starbucks Drink

Some fans are not happy with Ariana Grande's Starbucks collaboration.

Her drink, Cloud Macchiato, is made with espresso and vanilla flavored syrup topped with foam and drizzled caramel. Unfortunately the drink is not vegan.

The drink requires egg white powder to make the foam and the caramel includes butter, heavy cream and milk; all things not suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

Fans are not happy because Ariana IS vegan and don't understand why she would endorse something that isn't vegan.

She also told fans to "try it with soy" which still does not make sense because the foam is made with egg whites. One fan wrote that they feel "bamboozled" and that Ariana will be "handled."

Have you tried the Cloud Macchiato before you realized it wasn't vegan?

Photo: Getty Images

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