Ariana Grande is Only Making 10% Off of “7 Rings”

When Ariana Grande released her song “7 Rings” many people noticed that the song sounded familiar and eventually people figured out that the song is similar to Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Favorite Things” which was featured in the “Sound of Music” soundtrack.

The New York Times is reporting that although Ariana performed the song, 90 percent of the songwriting credit will go to Rogers & Hammerstein. 

According to the report, Grande’s record label made a deal with Concord, who owns Rodgers & Hammerstein’s catalog of music, that in exchange for using the music they would give the publishing company 90 percent of the credit.

Concord is in line to make millions of dollars and with the way the industry is set up, artists don’t look to make much off of their record sales, Ariana will, however, be getting her coins with tickets sales from her upcoming tour.

What are your thoughts on the deal Ariana’s label made with the publishing company? Was it a good or bad deal in your opinion?

Photo: Getty Image

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