Floyd Mayweather wants to Promote this Justin Bieber Vs. Tom Cruise Fight

A tweet by Justin Bieber has turned into something more.

When Bieber tweeted that he wanted to fight Tom Cruise last month, big combat sport and fight names like Dana White started seeing dollar signs. The latest is Floyd Money Mayweather.

Money May doesn't want to train either potential fighter but he would promote the heck out of it. He said, "If they bring me in as a promoter, then I can talk about it. But until then, I gotta stay in my lane. Gotta stay in my business." Bieber and Mayweather were tight several years ago.

This fight between Cruise and Bieber might never happen but we can all keep the dream alive.

Would you really want to see this fight happen? How much money would you pay to watch it? 

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Crystal Rosas

Crystal Rosas

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