Charges Against Quarterback Dropped After Drugs Deemed to be Bird Poop

Police in Clinton, South Carolina may have something on their face. It isn't egg but it might come from that end of a bird.

ESPN reports prosecutors Thursday dropped charges against Georgia Southern quarterback Shai Werts who was stopped for speeding in his grandmother's car July 31st.

He waited five minutes to stop because, when interacting with law enforcement, his parents always told him to wait to pull over until reaching a well-lit place.

Officers discovered a white slime on the hood and confronted Werts who said, "I swear to God, that's bird doo-doo." A field test detected cocaine. However, further lab testing excluded the substance. Authorities, though, aren't saying what it actually was.

Do you think the officers grew suspicious because Werts failed to immediately pull over? Do you instruct your children to do something similar? Do you think you'd mistake bird droppings for cocaine?

Photo: Getty Images

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