TikToker Determined Dude's Real Height On Tinder Using Beer Bottles!

Ever wonder if that cute guy you saw on TikTok is actually 6 foot 3? A TikTok user has figured out how to determine if the height someone claims to be is accurate. 

TikToker @gadelhaha gave a tutorial on determining height by using a picture of a guy holding a beer bottle. She determined the size of the bottle he was holding was 9.5 inches. 

She then put the picture into a photo editing app and multiplied the bottle several times, lining them up to match his height and with simple math was able to figure out his actual height which came to be 5 feet 11 inches. 

The guy in the photo actually reached out to her to confirm her findings saying, “I’m actually 5’11” and 1/8 why this so accurate though.” Needless to say, that’s pretty impressive. 

Have you ever lied about your height or physical features on a dating app? Tell your story. 

Photo: Getty Images

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