Michigan Teen Jailed for Not Turning In Homework Is Released

A 15 year old Black Michigan teen girl has been released from a juvenile detention center.

A letter she wrote to her mom went viral causing outrage and brought attention to her case.

Backstory: April 21st she was placed on probation for two incidents that occurred in 2019; assault and theft.

On May 5th she violated probation when she did not turn in any homework and overslept while attending school from home due to the coronavirus. She was ordered to the juvenile detention center where she has been until July 31st.

Friday July 31st a Michigan Court of Appeals ordered her immediate release into her mother's custody.

The girl who goes by "Grace" attends special education services at her school and has been diagnosed with ADHD.

She is now in a residential mental health treatment program. Please do your research and vote for the local politicians campaigning for this upcoming November so this doesn't happen in our communities. Teens should NOT be jailed for missing homework TF?! -@LaCrystalRosas

Photo: Getty Images

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