James Charles Collects Perez Hilton In A TikTok Comment LOL

There's been some slight Youtube drama because fans including Trisha Paytas have been calling out the D'Amelio sisters for acting "bratty" and ungrateful to a chef who cooked them a sit down dinner with their family and guest James Charles. James went to Tiktok to defend the sisters and told people to calm the eff down because everyone was being too critical of the teens. The drama king Perez Hilton took to the comments to agree with James about his comments towards Trisha and James was NOT having it. As Perez is known for flipping back and fourth on his opinions towards celebs and content creators James responded, "You were stanning her 30 mins ago get off my page old man". OUCH!

Do you think James had a valid reason to clap back so hard?


Photo: Getty Images