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Kanye Allegedly Bought 'Smuggled, and Illegally Exported' Gift for Kim

Apparently, Kanye went all out when it came to giving gifts to his ex-wife Kim. 

There are reports that Kim Kim Kardashian is at the center of a massive art-world controversy because of a gift Kanye may have given her.

Experts are saying the ex-couple is tied to the importation of an ancient Roman statue purportedly "looted, smuggled, and illegally exported."

The piece of art, known as "Fragment of Myron's Samian Athena," dates back to the 1st or second century A.D. U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized it in June 2016, and it was addressed to a Kim Kardashian trust. 

Kim's people have released a statement and said she's "never purchased this piece." They add, "this is the first that she has learned of its existence."

The statement also says, "We believe that it may have been purchased using her name without authorization and because it was never received (and) she was unaware of the transaction. We encourage an investigation and hope that it gets returned to the rightful owners."

What is the weirdest piece of art you've ever owned?

Photo: Getty Images

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