Kourtney Kardashian shares her diet secrets!


Kourtney Kardashian has always been known as the more 'natural' sister, and she looks amazing these days! Find out what the reality star eats to stay in such amazing shape! 

Thanks to the Food Network for getting the scoop on her diet secrets (below)! 

Morning: Kourtney rouses from slumber and, before she consumes actual food, tosses back some collagen supplements. Then, 20 minutes after that, she drinks a single tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (organic, natch) stirred into a glass of water. “Both of these habits have a ton of health benefits that affect everything from your skin to the way your body processes nutrients," Kardashian maintains.


Then, prior to breakfast, she takes a “vegan probiotic shot” along with, most mornings, a “freshly made avocado pudding with E3Live blue-green algae, bone broth protein powder and MCT oil.” Kourtney says it takes only “a few minutes to make and it provides healthy fats to give me energy before a workout." (Surely she doesn’t make it herself? And also you are assuredly not alone if you don’t know what half the Kourtney-endorsed items in this paragraph actually are.)


Then, following her usual exercise regime, which she tries to adhere to five or six days a week, she finally eats the meal she considers breakfast. "I usually have a bowl of whole grain oatmeal made on the stove (instant isn't as good for you!),” she writes. “I'll add fruits, sprinkle seeds or bee pollen, or drizzle honey on top to mix it up."


Midday: Kourtney will eat a salad with added protein (chicken or salmon) and homemade balsamic or ginger dressing for lunch “since store-bought dressings have lots of unnecessary sugar and preservatives."


Afternoon: After lunch, Kourt likes to sip hot green tea, and if she gets hungry later, she’ll snack on “fresh vegetables with avocado hummus, raw almonds or a bit of fresh fruit.”


Evening: She sucks down another glass of water spiked with apple cider vinegar and another probiotic shot. Then she eats dinner. "I love fresh, simple soups made with asparagus, sweet potatoes or beets. I also make turkey chili when it's cold outside. I usually try to make soups and chili on a Sunday, so I have the extras in the fridge when I'm busy during the week," she writes. After dinner, she’ll treat herself to “something sweet — especially when it's worth it, like Chef K's matcha chia seed pudding."

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Looks like Kourtney is pretty disciplined when it comes to her diet! Good for her! Now... pass the pizza!   JK! 

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