4th Grade Assignment Asked Students 3 Good Points about Slavery!

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When I saw this, I seriously was in shock. I mean for 4th grade students to be asked what 3 good points are about slavery is a lot! Like what? What are your thoughts on this? Parents! What are your thoughts on your kids homework assignments? 

TSR Staff: Kyle Anfernee Instagram: @Kyle.Anfernee A Wisconsin Christian School is facing some serious backlash after an English teacher asked her 4th grade students to list ‘three good reasons’ and three bad reasons for slavery’ for an assignment. _______________________________________ According to The Root, the assignment didn’t sit well with one parent, Trameka Brown-Berry, who found the assignment offensive and disrespectful and posted it on her Facebook page. _______________________________________ “It’s highly offensive and insensitive. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe they sent something like that home,” said Brown. _______________________________________ The principal, Jim Van Dellen, apologized to parents for the assignment and admitted that it was out of line. He said the assignment was supposed to “spark debate.” _______________________________________ “The purpose of the assignment was not, in ANY way, to have students argue that ANY slavery was acceptable, a concept that goes against our core values about the equality and worth of people of all races,” the letter read. “We appreciate—Read More At TheShadeRoom.com

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