Palo Alto High School removes James Franco artwork!

Yikes things seem to be getting worst and worst for James Franco. His alum, Palo Alto High School has removed the mural that he painted as well as art that he donated. 

James is facing sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood that principal Kim Diorio says are still just allegations. However she still made the decision to take the mural down. For the full statement from Principal Kim please click here

 If you recall, James did an interview with Seth Meyers where he did address the allegations. But this was right when the news broke and I think a lot of people were still shocked that he even decided to do the interview. If you missed that here is the video below. 


Fast forward to now, 3 woman have come forward to confirm these allegations. They shared all of the details and its just so scary that these situations have been going on behind closed doors for so long. Hope these woman end up ok! 

Gabby Diaz

Gabby Diaz

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