BTS's RM has surgery for Nasal Congestion!

Kim Nam-joon, also known as, RM of BTS has underwent surgery. It is not as serious as it sounds, but he did go into surgery for a Deviated Septum. “It is true that RM received surgery,” a rep for the group, confirmed. “He recently got surgery and has now been discharged from the hospital. He will rest and focus on recovery for now.” 

Of course the #ARMY has shown HELLA love ! So much love that #GetWellSoonNamjoon began to trend on Twitter. Which is nothing new, the #ARMY always come through! 

RM did take to Instagram to say that he is doing just fine! From what Google Translate says, this is what the caption says.. 

"I'm okay ~ I'm fine while I'm taking care of the surgery while working on the intermittent ~~ No worries"

Great to know he is doing ok! <3

Gabby Diaz

Gabby Diaz

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