Justin Timberlake talks 'Prince' tribute during Halftime performance!

Well, and just like that, The Big Game weekend came and went. A lot of people were looking forward to the commercials and halftime performance versus the actual game. But it turns out the game ended up being better than both. According to the internet, anyway. 

Jimmy Fallon caught up with Justin post game and talked about the performance. And also talked about the elephant in the room, the Prince tribute. 

Prior to the game there was a rumor going on that JT was going to have a hologram of Prince during the performance. But once the internet reacted the way it did, that of course was axed. So now we will never know if it was true or not. 

Take a look at Justin speaking on his decision. I thought the performance was good, I was just worried it was going to be a all about his new album, "Man of the Woods." Which it wasn't. 

Gabby Diaz

Gabby Diaz

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