Cardi B is not worried about death threats, says "i'll die for my colors!"

Man this makes me kind of nervous, I am not going to lie. Cardi B has always been true to herself and to where she came from. But some people, not gonna say the gang, was not too happy with this post from Cardi in her Blue fur jacket. The post is below, but her original caption has since been removed. You can see the caption here


After she got all of the reactions, I am sure her people were concerned and decided to have her remove it. And now that she is getting as far as death threats, she is going to have to triple up on her security during All Star Weekend. Cardi is scheduled for 3 appearances and doesn't plan on pulling out. YIKES! Take a look at what she said about the whole situation via Media Takeout

Gabby Diaz

Gabby Diaz

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