Here is your Coachella Recap, Gabby Diaz style!

This past weekend I went to weekend one of Coachella and let me tell you, I HAD A BLAST! Last year I went to weekend two and it was such a difference. Weekend one is more of like an industry type of weekend. There are a lot of parties that brands and labels throw and you may see your favorite celebrity walk right passed you. 

When I got in Friday, the main act I was dying to see was Daniel Caesar. He is my absolute favorite right now and I was hoping this moment was going to happen and it did! He brought H.E.R.!! 


Sorry for the awful video, but I was just way too excited. Then the Biebs was there and everyone lost it over that, if you didn't see this. Bieber is a big fan of Daniel Caesar too! He gave a little twist on "Get You." 


So good right! Then I went to go see Sza, cause you know I had to! I was kinda bummed cause her set was cut short, but she killed it and brought out Trippie Red and Kendrick Lamar. 


So good, then moving on to Saturday, not gonna lie, I got super hammered at the Republic x Dream party that WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! Look at this pool behind me below. 


It was like a legit pond that you can swim in. There was so much food and drinks! It was such a vibe. Then even ran into some friends that I hadn't seen in a while so that was super fun! Then the moment I legitimately DIED OVER. BEYONCE! The video's I took really dont do her performance justice, but I mean it was 2 hours of AMAZINGNESS! 


And the funniest part is that I was going to leave. The shuttle I took to the venue stopped running at 1:30 and Beyonce was still going strong. But then I started hearing that Destiny's Child song and LOST IT! Can you believe the rumors were true? A Destiny's Child reunion! I died! Like seriously died! Shout to my homie Eric that works at Real 923 in LA for the DOPE VIDEO! 


Then on Sunday we got there earlier, Thank God. Just cause I really wanted to see Migos, Cardi B, and of course Eminem! 

Cardi brought out so many people! The Bay's own G-Eazy and Kehlani were in the house. Which my phone died midway through! UGH! But again, my homie Eric at Real caught a lot of greatness! 


Honestly, I had the best time. A lot of people have their opinions about Coachella, but me personally, I LOVE the festival. I had fun last year, and even more fun this year. I am just anxious to see who will perform next year. That Beyonce performance will be hard to top! FOR REALS! 

Gabby Diaz

Gabby Diaz

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